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Our Mission

The Carbon Technology Institute was founded in 2019 to accelerate the creation and adoption of new technologies and new products that are carbon-negative and carbon-neutral. Why?  Because we want to take action to save our environment. Carbon-focused technology has the potential to transform industries such as building materials, chemicals, plastics, fuels, and more while mitigating and reversing climate change. With the launch of Federal Tax Credits for carbon extraction and beneficial use / sequestration, plus select state and local incentives, now is a great time to launch new carbon technology businesses. The Carbon Technology Institute will help the industry grow and succeed.

Importance of Carbon Capture and Utilization

While we recognize the importance of renewable energy and energy efficiency, the fact is that nations around the world will continue to use carbon for fuels, plastics, materials, etc. With advanced carbon capture technology, instead of sourcing carbon from the ground, we source it from the air, including industrial waste streams and direct air capture from the atmosphere. We will use this air-sourced carbon to create new products that will be widely adopted, such that air-sourced carbon replaces ground-sourced carbon based on the economics. Some air-sourced products (such as building materials or plastics) are considered carbon-negative because they create a carbon sink similar to sequestration, which reverses climate change. Some air-sourced products (such as fuels or soft drink carbonation) are carbon-neutral because they re-emit the captured carbon when used. Carbon-neutral products use as much carbon as they emit to mitigate climate change. In both cases, we create an economic incentive for CO2 emitters to capture their carbon and sell it into the utilization markets. 


Brian Toll, Managing Director


Entrepreneur,  Marketer, Policy Advocate, Trade Association Chair, Mentor.

MBA MIT Sloan of Management

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Ben Margolis, Director


Business Development, Commercialization, Project Development, Mentor.

MBA University of Virginia Darden School of Business

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Christopher Lord, Director


Project Development Leader,  HeatSpring Instructor (SolarMBA), Carbon Trading, Lawyer, Mentor.

JD, Cornell Law School

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